245(a)(1)- Fallon Diego

This short was written in response to a suggestion made by IG: autyfrancisco The main character Fallon Diego, is my dedication to you for the submission. ❤ Check out her work on autumnfrancisco.com

Un-Comfort Zone

In the spring semester of 2016 at the University of Cincinnati, my professor and mentor Dr. Reutter announced to me and two of my former classmates that we were invited to speak as an undergraduate panel.

Dear, Miss Melaninaire

In your life you may be groomed as an adult but told that you are still a child. Like those times you skip school to work so that you can contribute to the household. Or when you stay home to watch your siblings and manage the home while your parents are working. Or when youContinue reading “Dear, Miss Melaninaire”

In the Morning

Getting Ready: The Difference Between- Women I’m gonna swing from, the chandelier, the chandelier. I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist- Karen jumped up from her slumber and slid the ignore button to silence her alarm. At that moment, like every morning, she contemplated changing her ringtone. She rubbed her eyesContinue reading “In the Morning”