Dear, Miss Melaninaire

In your life you may be groomed as an adult but told that you are still a child.

Like those times you skip school to work so that you can contribute to the household. Or when you stay home to watch your siblings and manage the home while your parents are working. Or when you feel punished because you are pushed aggressively to get good grades and watch your mouth.

Forcefully pulled into adulthood and thrown back into childhood whenever, without warning.

Melaninaire 1


You may feel it but you never ask, am I an adult or a child?

You are both– a child by age, social & financial status and mentality. An adult by attitude, action and trained mentality. 

In fact, you are a melaninaire!

Melanin 2

This is the first label given you before you are inducted into strong independent black woman adulthood. The label with a negative stereotype but is actually defined as: the intelligent, willfully ambitious, inspirational prototype for strength and courage.

Vision Board by a Melaninaire

You, the melaninaire, are a young black woman. Over the years you will inherit the centuries of wisdom, the trials of pain and confusion, and the ability to compose yourself to blend in while you conquer. In addition to many, many lessons.

Through it all, you will come out on top. You will overcome. You will succeed.

Melaninaire 2


Then on that day when you wake up and look in the mirror at the strong independent black woman, you will see that you are one of and amongst the strongest beings to ever walk the Earth. You will feel empowered because you will know what it took to get to where you are.

You will smile and laugh in the face of anything that attempts to steer you away from accomplishing any goal you set for yourself. At those times when you cannot see the light, you will know how and when to move so that you are in full view of the limitless sky that reflects your inner-self. You know, that thing you were groomed to inherit.

Miss Melaninaire, you are (being) prepared.



❤ ~ ❤


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