Pinkberry Stone-mound

As I typed away on my computer, from my window I witnessed a man dare go where few have gone before.

Curious, he removed the silk veil that hid the secret passage to sacred lands. He palmed his way through the enclosing of the mounds on either side of him. On the other side he discovered sacred land. This area was not blocked by a veil but by smaller mounds in which he so effortlessly made his way through to discover a rainbow. Humming and singing at the pot of gold. He immersed himself into the river that flows through the sacred land. With the ability to see the shallowness of the meadow, he was unable to process why but it only added to his curiosity. So, he admired the floral decor and heavenly scents until he found the reason.

To no avail, he kept clearing paths and searching trenches until he came upon a tidal wave. The wave hit him and the water flowed rhythmically until he heard the storm. Loud thunder from up above. The Earth moved from side to side, the mounds and boulders lifted and fell and lifted and fell. Then the storm hit. Rain poured and the thunder grew louder as the Earth shook rocking him too. He kept himself immersed in the water to witness the most magnificent storm his eyes had ever seen. He closed them to enhance the sensual feeling that came along with enduring such a wonder in the sacred lands.

When the Earth shook for the last time he opened his eyes, he was drenched, the mounds settled back into their original position and the thunder ceased, the rain became dew and the storm was over.

I woke up with my computer to the side of me and turned it off. I turned over and nestled my head on his chest, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Published by Star

A creative content writer

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